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Also known as a "internet gangbanger." Someone who acts hard like a gangster or thug over the internet but in real life is a pale, skinny, pimple-faced kid. Often times the person acts as if he/she is black by typing using slang and ebonics and threatens to "gangbang" on others he/she dislikes.
e-banger: "man shut yo ass up ho ill get mah homies to ride up on yo ass and merk you son, u know who we be?
regular person: "stop typing like a jackass you e-banger!"
by CSpuds123 July 03, 2007
Someone who uses the internet to show their pride to a street gang that they claim to be part of.
{Setting: The Comments on a Youtube video about Bloods dissing Crips.}

(Boy A): Blood love for life my nigga!!!! FUCK THEM CRIPS.

(Boy B): Fuck you bitch. 6 poppin 5 droppin for life ova hea. Crips 187 HOE!!!!

(Boy C): Why are you guys such E-bangers. You're arguing on the internet with a guy you'll probably never see in reality.
by Milenko601 June 06, 2009
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