People who grow balls on the internet(YouTube) like they have balls but in real life, they have no balls. Internet shit talkers, quiet when met in person.
Everytime I read comment on the internet, somebody's got to grow a pair of E- Balls like their a hardcore badass talking racist, homophobic bullshit.
by DrunkASPhuckRightnow December 30, 2007
Top Definition
A tendency to be bold and brash via internet correspondence, while being rather meek in a face-to-face setting.
John could only ask Kate out through hotmail when he had his e-balls.
by Alex DeVine August 01, 2003
The scenario where a no-name administrative person sends threatening emails based on a lame attempt to pacify the demanding boss.
I got another email from that beyotch in payroll. She grew a pair of e-Balls in this last email.
I'll turn in my expense report when I'm damn good and ready.
by Dr. Howard Hevalaqua, II January 12, 2012
When a group of peers all consume Ecstasy, and roll in around in a pile, fondling/fucking each other.
Bro #1: Yo dude that party was great until the end, everyone started to have an E-Ball.
Bro #2: E-Ball? Ew
Bro #1: Yeah you could smell the sex from a mile away...
by joeblowv1 January 30, 2011
a person who has replaced their eyeballs with the eyeballs of a dangerous person, which makes them act as the eyeball's original owner.

derrived from crazy eyeballs, craz-eballs
An eball is chasing me!
by oaleas August 11, 2011
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