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Stands for Electric Taunt. Trying to pick a fight with someone over the internet, which is POINTLESS because you are using a limited form of communication, where proper dissemination of information and dialog in a proper argument is difficult.

e taunts are usually pathetic attempts to garner attention to one self, and often committed by e thugs.

the best way to deal with e taunts is to ignore the e thug and they will most often always go away

ironically, many e taunts are rarely followed up in public, if the avenue for such an interaction were to exist at any time in the future for the parties involved.

e taunts are the ultimate in hypocrisy, and are the preferred method of those with uncontrollable tempers, and cowardices.
Stanley: Can you believe that loser on the snowboard forums?

Chris: He's pretty annoying yeah, every time you make a post he tries to flame you, no matter what you posted. it's as if he's thirsty for attention, and thinks he can push you around.

Stanley: I can't stand e taunts from a sad e thug like him. Ahh well, pass the cheeto's.
by The Immaculate Giesbrecht May 03, 2010

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