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A degenerate man with extremely large hands who possesses a mockingly good skill at manipulating basic numbers. A Dzurilla loves hair product and dresses like a wealthy indian youth. Dzurillas are avid collectors of finely tuned japanese imports and can be seen making bird calls all over the 5 boroughs and or on your Facebook page. Always in search of a good pussy to pop or some bitch to spit game at; his creeper stare once paralyzed an elephant. Participating in Habitat for Humanity, this philanthropist's great deeds go largely unnoticed. If ever trying to speak to a Dzurilla in person, make sure not to stray from the preferred topic of conversation, the Dzurilla itself. Warning do not feed a Dzurilla more than 2 double jack and cokes or he will probably curse out someone in your kitchen. If the Dzurilla is reading this, it is probably because it googled itself.
I was just searching megan's law registry, and I found a Dzurilla in hicksville
#birdcall #big hands #dark #really dark #dark dzurilla #mawwwwwk
by HEYYOMABRRRRRRRR September 25, 2011
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