Ailment similar to dyslexia, however, these individuals confuse or improperly read words not written in a text message.
"OH, I thought the sign said speed limit 295, it must be my dystextia"
by analogknight November 03, 2008
Top Definition
Dystextia is when you misspell a word whilst typing an SMS message into your mobile phone. Often exacerbated by over-sized thumbs or excessive alcohol consumption.
what the hell does this text message from Greg mean?" "I'm not sure but it's three in the afternoon on a Friday and his dystextia is often bad at this time after all those wines at lunch.
by Clarebear81 December 10, 2010
when someone displays dyslexic characteristics via text message
Michael: waht yu duin latur?
Haley: dystextia is one of my biggest turn-ons
by Sonny Daze April 29, 2011
difficulty in sending, reading or understanding text messages.
The boy has dystextia and so cannot understand text messages.
by uttam maharjan December 30, 2012
the automatic insertion of random words from the autotext list of suggested words when you text on an Android touch screen. Usually happens too quickly for the texter to notice but the receiver is confused by the nonsensical words in the message, which only start with the same letter as the word the texter intended to use.
... dystextia meandering when Andrew putting in words wheel you aren't paying eBay attention
by 62Sunnyside November 09, 2010
A common condition that causes the sufferer the inability to spell correctly in a text message. See dystexic
(in a text message)
Person 1: hai, yooh kool? wanna meat me l8r on 2 do somfing?
Person 2: Wow, dystextia got you really baaaad.
by SpamBlud March 28, 2009
A disorder that causes the sufferer to type and text by replacing letters or whole words with single letters or numbers.

Sufferers of dystextia type and text words that seem to be a cross between english and l33t.
Guy 1: I can't figure out this text from Amber.

Guy 2: Don't try to text her man, she has serious dystextia.
by damawesome March 07, 2009
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