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v. The act or process of exercising backwards. The process tends to increase an individual's energy supply rather than depleting it. Dyslexercising is, in essence, a highly scientific term for what today's youth often refers to as "chilling." It occurs when the body is at the exact opposite level of energy consumption as a person exercising. i.e A meditative or dormant state
Frandrew was not into the whole "gym" craze, but rather he took full advantage of the opportunity to dyslexercise. This action normally consists of zoning into numerous episodes of Spongebob accompanied by various types of alcoholic beverages, small edible snacks, and on the rare occasion a roasted rack of lamb. Following his intense session of dyslexercising, Frandrew always feels amagingly relaxed yet fully energized and ready to take on any challenge that presents itself.
by G1bsta October 23, 2009
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