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both dynomite as in wow - anazing. And dynamic - non constant , changing , unpredictable . The term implies something spontaneous as well as great . Its non static - where something is set, and constant, predictable . Dynamic where predictadability, and absolute are not in the cards . Anything can be dynomatic , the parameters are unpredictability , and quick fast reaction resulting in a 'job well done' . I chose photography as an example .
BOB had said Neil thought that street photography offered opportunities for dynomatic images. It's why studio work sucks, street Is good therapyfor guys who used to hunt down range in the military, except the eye isn't taking lives, its capturing the perfect moment singular and unique - That's why street photography is therapeutic . No one is getting hurt, and the alert 360 eye's on target is getting it's work out. Awesome bro

Neil had thought and had said , he'd rather carry a Nikon than a M4 carbine and a Beretta
by NEO 1001 July 19, 2014
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the study of dinosaurs that move
dynomatics help explain why dinosaurs run the way they did and do.
by chubbs888 March 24, 2009

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