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A car that is used for only big numbers on a dyno. The vehicle isn't capable of doing anything else other that making big horsepower.
A Twin Turbo C5Z06, a dyno queen w/560 hp gets destroyed by a 430hp C6 LS3 Corvette on a highway, 4 times in a row. Whazzap John?

by DVL December 26, 2007
A car that is only good for making top end horsepower on the dyno but fails to be able to do anything else. Common dyno queens are Supras with the 2JZ engine, which can handle large amounts of boost but makes all power at the very top end meaning that even high horsepower Supras still have very poor performance.
Bob's Supra put down over a thousand horsepower on the dyno but still ran a eleven second quarter mile, what a dyno queen.
by Don Garlits May 25, 2007
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