1. a complete and utter bitch.

2. a raging lesbian; very manly and will beat the shit out of you and your dad.
1. Jeff - "Dude, the teacher gave me a failing grade for the year."
Anthony - "What a dykemaster."

2. Rosie O'Donnell is the fattest dykemaster in history.
by 160113550 July 28, 2010
Top Definition
When a man has a girlfriend and she leaves him and becomes a lesbian.
That guy is a dyke master, all the girls he has been with have gone lez.

That guy sure knows how to make girls lesbian, what a dyke master he must be.

Here comes the dyke master, he turn cock suckers into rug munchers.
by Max Flow April 21, 2008
Similar in insulting power, but opposite in gender of a cockmaster. A female (or male, whatever) who is a complete douchebag.
I can't believe that stupid dykemaster likes PBR.

Son of a dykemaster! I can't find my fucking wallet!
by CruJones February 22, 2006
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