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When a man has a girlfriend and she leaves him and becomes a lesbian.
That guy is a dyke master, all the girls he has been with have gone lez.

That guy sure knows how to make girls lesbian, what a dyke master he must be.

Here comes the dyke master, he turn cock suckers into rug munchers.
by Max Flow April 21, 2008
1. a complete and utter bitch.

2. a raging lesbian; very manly and will beat the shit out of you and your dad.
1. Jeff - "Dude, the teacher gave me a failing grade for the year."
Anthony - "What a dykemaster."

2. Rosie O'Donnell is the fattest dykemaster in history.
by 160113550 July 28, 2010
Similar in insulting power, but opposite in gender of a cockmaster. A female (or male, whatever) who is a complete douchebag.
I can't believe that stupid dykemaster likes PBR.

Son of a dykemaster! I can't find my fucking wallet!
by CruJones February 22, 2006