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Driving While Oriental. Refers to the stereotype that asians are bad drivers.
Guy: That car was just thrown in park before it even stopped and skid out...and now asians are getting out.
Guy2: D.W.O. man
by alec81484 December 15, 2004
Driving While Oriental
This is commonly known as one of the most dangerous situations in existence, especially if said DWO is a woman, and even worse if she is over the age of 60
Guy 1: Whoa look at that dumbass making a left on red!
Guy 2: DWO man, DWO
by DB1234 May 19, 2009
Driving While Oriental. a slow and stupid oriental/asian driver.
Damn fool look at this DWO. Someone better teach this harbor bomber how to drive!
by eff DWO's July 07, 2009
-Driving while Oriental. A driving offence where the person is not at fault for any other reason except for the fact that they are of Oriental heritage.
Driver “what the fuck asshole? That mother fucker just cut me off!” Passenger “Don’t be mad he is D.W.O. There is nothing he can do about it.”
by PUZ January 25, 2004
Don't Wank Off


Alternative to saying "calm down" to a person that is so excited about something that they are almost masturbating over the thought of it.
Person 1: "Im so excited for the concert tonight!"
Person 2: "Alright dave DWO"
by file101 March 27, 2012
pronounced dee woz. Dark Waste OF Space. Popular nickname for niggers/jigaboos so that in their presence you can racially insult them without being shanked and/or robbed.
Dude look at that huge DWOS over there!!!
by ColorsSuck September 30, 2009
Dwoes - It is used in a Derogatory manner. it is a Afrikaans Slang for a big idiot (Insult)
Dont be a Dwoes!

UCT people are all dwoeser

by Nazeem Samodien February 07, 2008
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