Driving While Female, generally a terrible idea, because you have no concept of speed or of how to judge the distance another car is when trying to make turns.
by MC Ren April 17, 2003
Driving While Female: Driving horribly because you are female.
That girl almost ran me off the road, she should be arrested for a DWF
by asdf April 19, 2003
An abbreviation for "Driving While Fajangled"
"Hope I don't get a DWF on the way back from this workout!"
by Willasss August 17, 2013
Driving White Female: a term used by bros to belittle the opposite sex and also make booty calls.
"Bro! look at that car in front of us! it's had it's turn signal on for like a bagillion miles. Plus, she is weaving almost as much as we are! Man, if that is a dwf, i am gonna tap that so hard!"
"That would make it a DWF DUI! Double whammy!"
by someoneelsebesideshimorher May 30, 2009
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