dancing and twerking at the same time; a guy named derek who twerks like no other.
look at dwerk on the dance floor!" "that handsome vietnamese guy in the white pants sure is dwerking!
by unknown888 April 25, 2011
Top Definition
to jerk off, masturbate
I dwerked it and shot scroatmeal all over.
by Salvo October 04, 2007
verb: a reverse twerk. To dance provocatively while protruding one's crotch forwardly. A person shakes their nether region as if it were their behind. Can also be used as a noun.

origin: english/hood. Portmanteau between the words twerk and dick.
Nicholas showed at the club in sweatpants and no underwear, so when he started dwerking, everyone could see his junk flapping around.
by dwerk falcon April 10, 2013
a really anoying know-it-all kid who is a combinaton of a dweeb, nerd, dork, and geek
Get lost you dumb dwerk!
by ciiiii July 10, 2009
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