1. (noun)A dirty twat, implies that subject has STDs

2.(noun) a slut (derogatory)
"That girl has slept with so many guys, she's such a dwat!"

"I saw that she had yellow flakes on her privates! She must have a dwat!"
by Crimson Lolita December 28, 2006
Top Definition
Acronym. Don't Worry About That.
Is used for its ability to answer any question asked.
Q: Who are you talking to??
A: Dwat!

Q: What are you doing??
A: Dwat!

Q: Is there any left??
A: Dwat!

Q: What is your name?
A: Dwat!

Q: Why?
A: Dwat!
by Dwat January 17, 2008
Dont Worry About iT.
A: dude, im worrying so much!
B: dude, stop jenksin'... dwat.

A: Dude, why is stephen jenkins a buttfucking quitter.
B: Because he fucks butts.

A: My God! That train is coming straight for us.
B: dwat.
by Jaharphan January 03, 2006

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