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The term Dwane-bag(shortened to D-bag, but this is commonly recognized as douche bag) came from an offhand threat made one night while waiting for concert tickets. With its origins coming from the act of tea bagging. The process of Dwane-bagging involves waiting for a sleeping person to open their mouth, the Dwane-bagger the puts his/its(in case the act is performed by a gender confused individual) balls in the person’s mouth, essentially having them lick the balls, and then proceeds to defecate on the Dwane-baggee’s face/eyes. While the act of Dwane-bagging could be done by a female but as there are: 1. No Balls and 2. This is probably already a form of Japanese scat play. The effect of the shaming is lost. Also see the reverse Dwane-bag, a process involving a normal tea bagging and the act of defecating in the mouth.
First person to fall asleep is getting a Dwane-bag.


The girl asked me to Dwane-bag her, so I did, then never called her again.
by Dan Opper May 29, 2005
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