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Quite possibly the best tank in all of World of Warcraft. Can also mean someone that gets laid 3 times a day, and breaks skulls of computer game nerds with his bare hands.
Female (rated 10): Dvx had sex with me last night after tanking Gruul. He's so dreamy.
I'm about to dvx that ass all night long, baby.
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by david_ October 04, 2007
In combination with spike, this is the sexiest man alive, common known as Darth, he flips out when someone says "DUX"
"DVX, you are the sexiest man alive, next to Spike."

"Yes, I know."
A cool sort of retard, abbreviated from DarthiirVX, refering to the third version of Darthiir
"DVX, you tard!"
by Spike May 17, 2004
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