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dvt stands for Deep Vein Thromboses, which is a disease, but can be a metaphor for getting the remaining necessary amount of kills in a counter-strike round, and getting the defusal.

A counter-strike term meaning you just killed over 3+ people and rush to get the defuse, if a teamate is already defusing than that player automatically TK's them because he is a greedy bastard.

Synonym: A defuse whore.

Except in this case, the player actually gets kills before he get's greedy for the defuse.
Dude nice three kills! I got the defuse though man don't worr- *TK's player* WHAT THE FUCK MAN, why'd you pull a dvt? fuckin scrub.
by Daniel Vu Tran August 19, 2007
Verb: Drunken Verbose Texting

The act of sending long and/or multiple texts while under the influence of alcohol
Dude: yeah that bitch was DVT'ing me at 2:30 in the morning.
by lesange June 16, 2010