A glorious, revolutionary, young indian male that can fly, breathe fire, womanize...women, shred, go freestyle, give Morrow 99 notifications in 2 minutes, be 14 and 11/12 at the same time, shoot curry out of his eyes, and who, according to Shanti, is unable to pronounce his last name correctly.
"Wow, that kid is such a Dutta."
"I want a Dutta to do me!"
"Dutta, I thought you were 11!?"
"It is Dŭtta, not Dūtta!"
by Gandhishanti February 08, 2010
a short stump used to pleasure men's prostate
"hey sweetie...i just used my new dutta and oh my god! i came like never before!"
by randolph faustino melandras September 15, 2006
a blundering retard. or racist. or nerd
Wow, this kid right here is a HUGE dutta.
by hogansalloveryourface November 28, 2006

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