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The act of engaging in the recreational or medicinal act of enjoying cannabis or cannabis products halfway between the morning and afternoon. sometimes substituted for a wake and bake or an early 4:20 celebration with the company of one or more colleagues.
I dont have to be at work until 1 oclock.. its only 11a.m , care to partake in a dutchbrunch
cannabis wakeandbake 420 loud smokeweedeverydaystoners
by TheOfficialSmokey September 23, 2013
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When you eat breakfast at a diner at 11:30, then when the clock strikes 12, you ask for a menu and order lunch. Only the realm of true professionals.
Me and my man ran a marathon, and then ate a Dutch Brunch. Except we didn't run a marathon.
by amannamedabadname March 14, 2010

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