when you grab your penis and have someone work your arm as if they were jerking you off but they dont touch your penis
You wanna give me a dutch router?
by Bixer February 22, 2009
Top Definition
you grasp your penis with your hand whilst letting another man move your arm up and down in a masturbating motion.

while this will increase awkwardness and homosexuality between both men involved, it will decrease soreness in the whole of your right arm and the chances of you ever wanting to do it again
man 1: would you like a dutch router?

man 2: no, that's gay.

man 1: no, i never touch or look at your penis, so no one is gay.

man 2: well if you put it that way, then yes. and my arm won't get tired!

man 1: yay!

man 2: fag...
by the jamo February 14, 2010

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