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to rub your knuckles across the top of someones head whilst holding their head under your other arm
action not a phrase
by pitbulluk November 29, 2003
The act of drying someone else's hair so vigorously that it causes scalp pain. Most often performed by parents on their unsuspecting kids.
"Get back in the house with that wet hair, you're not going out in the cold until I give you a Dutch Rub."
by Peapod Hobbit June 10, 2008
A Marion, Ohio based rock n' roll band noted for their on stage antics, pencil thin neck ties, their '' website and their frequent use of tobacco products.
"Hey maw," said Roy, "I'm a' gonna see them Dutch Rub boys down in Cinncy tonight."
by Dr. Rhett Crabtree January 02, 2004
When a Gay Dutchman rubs up against you
Rhett "That Gay Dutchman just tried to cop a feel of my butt!"

Joe "He Got Some Nerve, giving you a Dutch Rub!"
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