A term Midwesterners use to describe the amount of snow that has fallen on the ground, when that amount is less than fourteen feet.
"That blizzard gave us a real dusting."
by Dr. Worm February 04, 2004
When an old man that can no longer produce semen ejaculates and nothing but dust puffs out of his dick in a cloud.
James: I think grandma and grandpa were doing it last night.

Randy: Yeah, I'm sure he gave her a good dusting.
by Follows Herons May 31, 2006
Someone was inhales duster and either pisses themselves, cracks there head off the tile, or crashes there mommy's expensive car.
Kolton: Holy shit man did you see what happen to nates moms car.

Ben: Yeah dude he was dusting when that happen.
by kolton99 April 24, 2007
The act of leaving your shit in the bowl so long that when the next guy sees it, it has turned to sawdust.

Distant cousin of the Upper Deck/Top Shelf.
As Ben lifted the lid to the crapper, he discovered that his roomate had dusted him.
by Snook July 08, 2004

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