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To walk up behind someone and put your arms around their neck in a cutesy way, usually for a MySpace pic.
Wow, what's that picture of a dushell doing on your top 8?
by yeahsoidontreallyknow October 16, 2007
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(Verb). The act of sneaking up on somebody and hugging around their shoulders / chest.

The word became popular in a Jr/Sr High School, when a boyfriend named Dustin would always "Dushell" his girlfriend Shelby. It is now a common slang tern used frequently among teenagers.
John : Dude, I totally dushelled this chick the other day, and grabbed some boob!
Mike : Nice!

"Why do you always dushell your girlfriend, dude you so whipped"
by Nickkkkkkkk October 23, 2007

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