When you are fisting a wild animal or anything wearing nothing more then fur boots and a gas mask.
I totally durpee'd that cat lastnight.
by Oprah6969696 November 05, 2010
a combination of a slurpee and alcohol, preferably something tastey and delitious. also ben's beverage of choice while he casually walk around the copmmons and gazes out the window...
or of your heater, its a slurpee made from retarted people (gross heather)
Look guys, Ben has another Durpee!!!!
Dude, i want ben's durpee
After a hard day at work or school, my beverage of choice...is a Durpee brad Durpee
by MGDizzleDawg December 24, 2006
indian pronunciation of slurpee.
"I saw that Indian working the 711 counter and I asked him for a slurpee..he said 'WHUT!? A DURPEE?' and I said Yeah, a slurpee"
by lulzpawp May 30, 2009

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