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A really ugly breed of waterfowl that looks like a duck but has a face like a turkey.
Don't feed the durkey or it'll keep coming back for more.
by durkeylover09 May 24, 2009
A durkey is when you stick your dick up a turkeys ass.
Damn did you just durkey that turkey?
by thjdtyjytuj March 11, 2011
The act of recieving road head while drinking a gallon of chocolate milk. If you "finish" before you finish the milk, you failed the durkey.
"Dude I can't believe he finished the gallon before he blew, he totally rocked a durkey!"
by durkeychallenge August 15, 2011
When an idiot trying to say turkey fucks up entirely and says durkey.
"That is one big motherfucking durkey."
by jesusishere October 11, 2008
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