Any and all Muslims, a Terrorist
Look at that silly Durka, his towel is very colorful
by Mike The Mack August 15, 2008
A curse used in place of everyday regular words.
(while waving finger in air in circular motion)
"Durka, me sergeant. durka paperwork.. see the durka stripes? ... eagle on durka shield.."
by Tom Tom the lepreacun March 27, 2007
A word used when no other word or words will suffice, such as you are shrooming or tripping out and all that works is the durka or the 'marklar', many kudos to the creators of south park, but yeah, its a word to describe the indescribable. Also may be used when sober...whenever really, the more usage the better.
DURKA DURKA, that was amazing, or just....Durka....
by Daniel N. July 18, 2006
durka can mean anything, used to substitute in the place for any word. can often mean "to smoke marijuana"

usually you would use it to conceal what your really trying to your friends say infront of parents
(in front of parents)
Aneil - Hey Nikkhoo let's durka after dinner.
Nikkhoo - Nah sorry man, I'm out of durka right now.
by bamnig April 30, 2007
Arab word meaning "two-faced."
A durka man is loyal to everyone who it would be an inconvenience not to be.
by Certamus February 21, 2006
It's an English word with no meaning, not an actual Arabic word.

It's not even funny. Arabic is beautiful and poetic. There are many different dialects. And if you're a Cristian lots of Christan Arabs speak Arabic so your making fun of your own brothers you inbred prick losers.
Durka druka grow up
by 0_o123456 November 20, 2010
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