An african-american. as in a "double a" battery.
Did you see the duracells hanging out on the street between Antonios and Gastbys?
by smackitlikeehonda November 03, 2010
Top Definition
Nickname or term of abuse for a person with ginger hair. Comes from the 1980s UK TV advert "Duracell, with the copper-coloured top: no ordinary battery looks like it or lasts like it."
Oi! Duracell, you are intrinsically unattractive. How did your ginger, freckled ancestor ever succeed in passing on their genes?
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress September 15, 2005
A brand of batteries, owned by the Gillette Corporation and located in Bethel, Connecticut.

Duracell Ultra >>>>> Duracell normals
What kind of battery is that? Oh it's a duracell!
by weewaa November 23, 2004
the taste you get after eating out a girl who just got a new I.U.D.
Aw fuck, you taste so copperish...kinda duracell.
by Gorgone August 11, 2003
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