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french for "dupuis"
That's Dupuis, french for dupuis.
by Adam Willsey August 08, 2008
20 11
a random dance move, usually reflective of a popular music video, accompanied by some combination of the words "pah" and "tah." often times resulting in recieving strange looks or a smack in the tummy. :)
Oh man! Did you catch the dance-off at prom?? That one kid really pulled a dupuis!
by Maggie May_Poynter July 24, 2006
15 21
Someone who extremly stupid, or commits an act of stupidity. Any one with the name Dupuis. A person lacking the common sense to be a functional member of society. A dumb fuck.

(doo-pis) also pronounced (doo-pwee)
My neighbor forgot to put oil back in his truck after changing it, and blew up his motor, what a fucking dupuis!
by pimp of the world April 18, 2006
38 54