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Duppy man is used in Jamaican culture to reference someone who does not exist. It is also used to mention the spirits of the old African religion. It is sometimes used in insulting contexts but it itself is not insulting.
"A di dutty duppy man dweet."

Translation: "The dirty ghost did it."
by ghost_dog October 01, 2007
97 47
A insult for a battyman(homosexual male) of jamaican roots. A duppy is a ghost by definition, and also a racial insult for white people but in this context this refers to a man which should be dead for insulting the community, insulting the earth, and paying no respect to elders such a marcus and selassie.
I nuh see a dead man dem
a duppyman dem
mi nah want nuffin wid dem
di fire bunn dem
dey don con dem

- Lyrics Taken from Capleton - Slew Dem / Who Dem (Congo Natty Recordings) / Chase & Status - Duppy Man
by Ru-DE September 12, 2006
22 22
Jamaican slang for a homosexual male.
Slew dem duppy manz!
by DJ Lanc August 10, 2006
26 123