Adjective; something so great that no other word in the english language can be used to describe it.
Yo Loo, those Nike Air Max 90s are huge duppies, whered you get em?
by TyCizzle April 11, 2006
Also a three-piece electro art-pop band from Deptford, SE London, UK.
Hey, who are Duppy?

Duppy are a three-piece electro art-pop band from Deptford, SE London, UK.

Thanks for the informative answer!
by Darranps January 20, 2009
A dog that physically looks like an adult dog but in behavior and knowledge of the world is still a puppy.
I still have hopes that my duppy will grow up to be a beautiful smart German Shepherd.
by SloTwitch September 07, 2009
Sexual intercourse, shagging, sexy time,
Jake: Hey Becki wanna Duppy!??

Becki: Erm no erm yes erm wait i'm confused

Oli: Hey Becki wanna Duppy!?

Becki: What does Duppy mean??

Boys: Sex!


Joe: Saw that girl from the gig last night

Ben: Yeah and...

Joe: i Duppied her goood

Ben: No way you gave her some N-Dubbin

Joe: I Duppied every hole mate!
by Whitewood July 14, 2009
an adjective which can be placed in front of any word and used to describe anything at all. can be interpreted as a good description of something and interpreted postively or negatively.
Jane: Wow Pete, that shirt is sooo duppy!
Pete: Uh, does that mean you like it or...?
Jane: It can mean whatever you want it to mean!
Pete: So it's a cool shirt, then?
Jane: Well, to you its duppy, to me its duppy, and its all a different kind of duppy.
Pete: Uhh, ok then. Duppy!
by b3c October 06, 2005

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