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1.v.to fuck over or trickbag some one.
I got duped on that sack of hydro bud .It was short 3 grams!
by TokerX August 28, 2003
Horny dudes on the look out for unsuspecting young beavers.
Excuse me maam,We are the beaver patrol checking beavers!Please comply.
by TokerX August 27, 2003
1.n.when I hold my girl in a 69 and lick her clitty and use a toy to make her squirt a big load of gspot juice in my eye!
I gave her a good Gspot Juicing,she was squirt every where and then some!
by TokerX August 28, 2003
A lousy sack of weed
That fucker sold me a Trickbag!
by TokerX August 25, 2003
The piercing on my cock that catches my bitches clitty
The Clitty Catcher strikes again!
by TokerX August 27, 2003
Bad ass skunk weed grown by TokerX or his students
GreenJesus will really kick your ass.
by TokerX August 25, 2003
Kick Ass Heavy Metal Band with tunes like Wheelz in Motion and Victim of Circumstance
That WhiteMicrodot concert blew me away
wiith the sound of great Metal music!
by TokerX August 27, 2003
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