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"british-cuban" child, who is always.....on drugs, shhhhmokin da bong, or shhhtrokin the salami (if u no wut i mean)
that Duong Tran is one piece of ACE.
a big tall homo who we copy physics and chem results from everyday... he is also viatnamese... and likes thongs... guys in thongs!
his boyfriend, kayur desai of montville new jersey has a white eyebrow that he has yet to die... he calls men hot, and he's cheating on duong with his other gay friend, anki
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
ghetto foo reppin ptown.. hes gay and tall and in honors physics..
his boyfriend kayur desai... but duong is cheating on him with his other gay boyfriend, ankit kapoor
by sammy sosa October 23, 2003
derserves to rot in hell
no one likes duong tran...they just feel sorry for him
by ur worst nightmare..tran July 01, 2003
A British-Cuban boy (

Synonym - Sexy Beast
Duong Tran, the British-Cuban playin in the NBA....hits the three!!!
by anonymous June 24, 2003
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