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Its done, over, out, gone. At end!!!
My life is dunnzo!!!
by Face_Down July 28, 2006
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Some one whose meals consist of NO vapor, Jack3d protien, 5 hour energy, red bull, and vodka. Thier activities include lifting, quoting lil wayne, and flexing in the mirror. They are banned from most bars and in a fit of rage they visit thier alma matter and choke out younger students.
That guy just choked a kid out and made the kid bow to him. Thats so dunnzo.
by Player haters ball December 03, 2009
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A person who is a meat head and often blacks out before midnight. Their nights start early and ends even earlier. This person will often pass out first to wake up with sharpie all over their body.
Yo Sean was DUNNZO last night. He threw up all over at the bar and passed out so i signed my name on his head.
by OH YEA SON December 02, 2009
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