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nice ass
Look at the dunkey on that one!
by bob October 26, 2003
58 23
A Condom (Mainly used in South Wales, UK)
Mary found a used dunkey under her bed.
by Nick November 24, 2004
45 30
Mix between a duck and a monkey
Yall wanna come over and uh, huh, huh, pet ma dunkey?
by TheTresidderKid January 25, 2011
19 6
Ebonics for "donkey."
That bitch looks like the south end of a north-bound dunkey.
by The Gaping Hole November 08, 2010
13 3
A fine girl's booty. Also a group of fine girls' booties.
Damn that girl has some nice dunkey!
Look at all that dunkey!
by wes July 11, 2004
19 24