Is hip hop terminology that describes a combination football/basketball player with explosive speed, athleticism,and style.
This phenom is the most versitle combo "Dunkadelic" athlete I've ever seen.
by Derrick E. Vaughan February 10, 2004
D-Determination U-Unity N-Nutrition K-Knowledge A-Athleticism D-Defense E-Energy L-Leadership I-Intimidation C-Champion
The D-U-N-K-A-D-E-L-I-C is the blueprint to becoming a champion
by DerrickE.Vaughan February 21, 2004
very cool. awesome. awe-inspiring.
The kid with the cool shades is dunkadelic.
by Saige Martinez May 13, 2008
1. Cool, Ghetto, extreme, et cetera.

2. Good at basketball
I'm so dunkadelic, that was dunkadelic, I live in the dunkadelic.
by Morgan Stillman September 20, 2007
Dunkadelic ( adj. ) " Dunkadelic Mega Contract ", Is basketball terminology used to describe the richest contracts in the game. The " Dunkadelic Mega Contract " is generally over the $80 million dollar mark. (" Dunkadelic Power Forward " Larry Johnson signed the first " Dunkadelic Mega Contract " in 1994 for $84 million dollars, a record at the time).
" Dunkadelic Super Star " Kobe Bryant signed a " Dunkadelic Mega Contract " for $136 million dollars over 7 years to remain in Los Angeles as it's franchise " Dunkadelic Two Guard ".
by Derrick E. Vaughan July 17, 2004
Dunkadelic ( slogan ) Basketball is life, and the soul is " Dunkadelic ".
Thr game of basketball is a dream for many inner city kids, and " Dunkadelic " is the soul of the dream...
by Derrick E. Vaughan July 10, 2004
Dunkadelic ( History ) The first day of use for the "Dunkadelic" brand name in commerce was September 8,1998. On this day ( Sept.8,1998 ) baseball history was written by Mark McGwire when he broke Roger Maris' 37 year old record of 61 home runs( 1961 ) in a single season.The historical 62 home run was one of baseballs most celebrated individual honors.
The "Dunkadelic" name will forever be linked to one of the biggest records in all of sports history.
by Derrick E. Vaughan June 09, 2004

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