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Marijuana that has a mildewy & distinct "grown in a basement" taste (i.e. it was grown "down in a dungeon".) Usually of low quality & potency, but not always seed riddled mids, dungeon bud breaks apart very easily yet is very stringy in consistency, making it difficult to roll into joints or blunts, and causing it to burn rapidly. No-nothing teenagers and inferior indoor growers are the prime producers of dungeon bud. Dungeon bud often has various contaniments lingering on it such as dryer sheet residue, carpet fibers, cobwebs, mold, etc. that further add to the unpleasant taste & overall smoking experience. Just say no to dungeon bud when offered.
Dungeon Bud Dave: Hey man, I got some banging buddha for sale. Grew it myself, top shelf shit my dude.

You: Fuck off Dave, your Dungeon Bud is nasty and burns like the Hindenburg. Get a real grow-op, & not one in yo mama's basement.
by ACIDHEAD August 16, 2009
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