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an expression used to illustrate a wide range of emotions, from happy to sad. it can also describe a come up, or getting scarred. it also describes someone who is wak.
"That nigga 2-ray so dungee."
"Pee-nut wants you to tow him on the bike to the store? Dungee!!"
"Did you see Little Mikes new car? That shit is a dungee."
"All them other cities besides Miami be dungee as fuck."
by Merz February 06, 2003
a true technician of a given craft. originator of an idea or concept. one who leads by birthright and not by choice
the technique displayed in his work shows that he is a true MASTER DUNGEE
by +the iponi warchief+ February 15, 2007
A hot sweaty T-Bag
Omg He is so hot when he dungeed my face it was swetay
by dungeeBEAST February 04, 2010
hot guy...but a huuge dumbass
hot daamn...you are such a dumbass dungee.
by Anonymous September 13, 2003