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1.Wadding and fluffing your sheets and blanket while asleep.
2.constanly moving and organizing items around.
If you keep dungbeetling the tent we are going to end up in the river!
by Jo Burillo June 18, 2005
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Dungbeetling originated back in 2001. When on a long rode trip with KB and DP and ER... We had a mini van that needed to be re organized every stop...well... we where almost to Spokane and the word dung beetle entered my mind.... I could not stop laughing....Thus the rearranging of things became known as dungbeetling....I am the Queen of this....My job is to move shit back and forth....My tent is a perfect place to do such activity...And I do a lot of moving in my sleep...Thus Dungbeetling the tent....
Jo will you dung the car? Stop dungbeetling the tent!
by Dungbeetlejo February 04, 2010
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1) Verb - To put forward a shit idea, and build upon it until its an unstoppable torrent of shit ideas.

2) Verb - To put forward a shit idea, and everyone rolls with it.
1) Julia Gillard really dung-beetled that carbon tax.

2) The whole world is Dung-Beetling regarding the war in Afghanistan.
by Dektra November 02, 2011
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