An insult used by males to describe the ummm "unattractive" girls (mainly)

.... never heard a girl say it about a guy
"You can have her dude, she's a DUNGA anyway."
by Hurt Town September 03, 2006
Top Definition
Mostly used in small towns in queensland. Predominately Maryborough.
1. An exclamation of frustration, usually at an annoying situation. Can be used in the place of words like crap, shit, damn, dang and so on.
2. A term used to describe something crappy or dodgy. Ie, an old rusty, smoky VL commodore.
1. Waity: My car broke down again. We cannot go to the fair and its associated hot women.
Dirko: Dunga!
2. Waity: We will have to take the EA to the fair.
Dirko: Dammit. When the chicks see that dunga they will run and hide.
by Grant Hayes September 07, 2005
The Dunga are an African tribe that have spent the last 20 centuries hitting each other in the head with sticks.

Consequently, they have developed no art, literature, culture, or tools (other than those sticks). They are the epitome of all luddites and anti-intellectuals.
This dunga came all the way from Berkeley to protest at the NYSE. How'd he get here, by covered wagon?
by pookleblinky November 29, 2004
The Dunga is an extremely large, strong animal native to North East Pennsylvania and the Hoodlands. He has special skills in football and Wii Tennis and is frequently seen smoking B&M's or with a fat lipskie in.
Yo Dunga whats goooooooooood?
by dungaspotter09 January 21, 2009
Dunga is used in the barnsley region to describe some kind of narcotic usually ketamine, however it can be used to describe something bad or good as well.
"orate cocka am just off fo sum dunga"
"Can tha smell that fuckin dunga like"
by Tarnsuarter October 16, 2014
a dunga is a 'badman' or a 'g' that does not smoke, take drugs, or drink alcahol.
"i dont drink or take drugs... what does that make me? DUNGA blad"
by Aydee.N February 23, 2010
Australasian word for something bad or rubbish. Usually concerns a wreck of a car.
Your Ford falcon is an old dunga.
by Redfar March 01, 2006
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