Hot vietnamese descent with too much money and toys to play with...
Damn, Dung's rich biatch!!!
by Eric May 18, 2004
1. Dantoms Universal Network Game
I went to go play DUNG!
by Airjoe February 19, 2004
an obnoxious best friend of vietnamese descent. has a knack for puking on floors spontaneously without remorse, and never smiles.
"Dung you whore, why wont you clean up your vommit?"
by wade February 11, 2004
Term used instead of using Fuck or other words. Filler Word
Im so dunging dunged off right now

This show dungs me off
by Al-Bob- Mcgee August 08, 2003
Doomed Untill a New Government
Don't be stupid, it's not shit, it's DUNG.
by Robert March 04, 2005
shit from a dog.
That fucking Dung is on the lawn again.
by fletch7 August 28, 2003
A plaid shirted loser with an inflated sense of self importance who spends his time scooping basenji poop and working a minimum wage job at a university putting papers in alphabetical order under careful supervision. Lives in off-campus housing and calls the cops on his neighbors for trivial shit in his spare time. Calls nutcase Cmorris (which see) whenever he feels threatened.
That feckless, bitter asshole sure reminds me of Dung!
by Aude January 18, 2003

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