duhmp nap
verb, dumpnapped, dumpnap•ping, noun

a brief period of sleep on the toilet whilst taking a dump, commonly one taken during the daytime (usually occurs during extreme states of tiredness and/or drunkenness): I dumpnapped the afternoon away.
man 1: "Hey, what're you doing for lunch today??"
man 2: "I was gonna take a dumpnap"
man 1: "AH! Gotcha. That's cool, I'll just catch up with you later then"
by Ra! July 21, 2011
it's when your at work and feeling lazy as shit and you tell your boss your going to take a poo and take a nap on the crapper.
Man work sucks today, i'm gonna go take a nice healthy dump nap.

you: i'm going to the shitter.

boss: ok
by DDJ!! Dump Napper May 23, 2009

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