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Being in a state of amazement due to lack of/excessive bowel movements. (A play on 'dumbfounded')
When one has eaten plenty of roughage & fibre but is still unable to poo. Causing questionable surprise leaving them unpleasantly Dumpfounded.
Also used in the opposite as: When one has had a poor diet for a few days but still manages to produce a well-rounded, hefty dump. Causing an unexpected surprise but leaving them pleasantly Dumpfounded.
by wordsmithjester March 25, 2014
When someone is dumped by their boyfriend or girlfriend for no apparent reason they are dumpfounded. Confusion as to why you were dumped.
I can't believe he dumped her!

Do you know why? They were doin so good I thought!

Idk! She was totally dumpfounded!
by Scars777 May 13, 2009
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