An odd-shaped dickhead that comes to a point resembling a wizard hat. When you take lots of drugs, your own cock will resemble a dumble dick. Thus, you can dumble dick someone if you have a pointed cock or if you are really fucked up.
I got dumble dicked at dead baby field.
by Coreycock January 08, 2009
Top Definition
1)The dick, or penis, or male genitalia, of Sir Albus Dumbledore of the Harry Potter book series or Harry Potter movies. Rumored to be over 7.6 inches in length (non-erect).

2)Used to describe someone who believes they are always correct and know everything when it is obvious they don't.
1)"My god that kid has such a dumbledick!"

2)"Stop being such a dumbledick! You're wrong!"
by Sean Mc. May 08, 2008
The old man in Harry Potter.. a.k.a DumbleDor...
"All right you old Dumble Dick"
by Miss Bubble Butt February 25, 2009
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