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A head that is dumb.
"You're a dumbhead!"
"Look who's talking, dumbhead!"
by Shaka, Zulu Warrior May 15, 2006
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word to call someone when you can't think of anything else to call them.
*teens in deep discussion about the chicken/tuna thing*
teen 1: okay, seriously, is it chicken or tuna?!
teen 2: omg! you're such a...dumb-head!
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
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someone who is extemely dumb. They typically have a dumb face or dumb nature.
Half of the time, these people are not really unintelligent, but are just responding to a situation with lack of common sense.
People are usually referred to as dumbheads when the are drunk or do not agree with you.
Jawhara: hey nicole, wanna come to the concert with me
Nicole: no, i cant. im going out with josh.
Jawhara: DUMBHEAD! now who am i gonna go with. your real dumb, and you smell oddly!
Nicole: dumbhead, dont call me that. i have a 4.0!
by jSOULJAAAA May 12, 2008
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