worse than a DUMBSHIT. dumbfuck is a whole other level of stupid. theres weird, idiotic, stupid, dumbass, dumbshit, then theres dumbfuck
erica:kaity whats the answer to number four on the math homework?

kaity: erica its simple. look you ad two and three together.
your such a dumbfuck!
by joetastic1212 January 05, 2010
Meaning a complete stupid ass, see also cunt "Cant understand normal thinking" also means George W. Bush.
Wow, Our president is a complete dumb fuck!
Hey Dumb fuck is giving his state of the union addres..
by lordmaji December 29, 2004
A dumb fuck is someone who did something incredibly stupid trying to be funny.
The person who put Youngjae from B.A.P as the meaning of 'betrayer' here on Urban Dictionary is a dumb fuck
by himpipi February 15, 2013
1. eric hetzel of chantilly, va
2. george w. bush
3. any one with the intelligence of a cockroach
4. McLovin aka sexy burger

synonyms: blonde, dumb shit, r-tard, bush
eric: *bikes into a car*
eric: wut?
arjun: no seriously go to urbandictionary.com...becuz ur now the definition for dumb fuck
by Arjun Patel September 20, 2007
Someone with an IQ low enough that you have to dig for it, not just test it.An example of a dumb fuck is George W. Bush.If you find this offencive, thenjust ignore this whole entry,especially the example.
American1:George W. Bush is such a dumb fuck!
American2:Hey,isn't that his bomber right above your house?
American1:First he sends us to war, now he's bombing us!
American2:Maybe you shouldn't have called him a dumb fuck
American1:Hey, isn't that your house he's bombing, now that he's done with my house?
by shotgun guy April 16, 2006
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