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Out of line, ridiculous, completely uncalled for.
Audrey told what to the cops? That bitch is dumb-dumb.
by Stuntin on ya December 17, 2010
a common term used when someone is being stupid or idiotic... or just dumb, made into a noun. (c)amanda ryyla
Alessia is a dumb dumb.
by amanda December 29, 2004
Certain people who portray a level of retardedness vastly greater than the general populous.
"Hey SSgt! YOU'RE A DUMB DUMB!" (Candido)
by The Great Khaliba December 23, 2008
A socially retarded bloke with curly hair, slightly 'special', getting through a door can cause a major problem to this retard, say something wrong to him and he will hate your face
....Likes bells
You are a retard dumbdumb
by LouCC October 14, 2010
A mean person who is a hypocrite, if you get on her bad side you'll never have a conversation with her without getting verbally abused.
physco, hypocrite, pain
by phil cravis September 14, 2003
A person with long brown hair, or bright white hair; usually named Kyle
Kyle is a dumb dumb
by Joe December 08, 2003
a dumb little slut named kristen who cant add, read, or do anything right. hobbies include being a complete loser, and occasionaly being a total retard
shut the fuck up dumb dumb
by nj April 09, 2003