Similiar to a dumbass; anyone who acts in an inexplicable way, making choices and decisions that just don't make any sense.
Gary was a dumbdick when he decided to stick with his cheating-ass girlfriend.
by ire November 28, 2007
Similar to a dumbass; Someone who makes stupid or inexplicable decisions.
Gary was a dumbdick for staying with his cheating-ass girlfriend.
by ire November 30, 2007
The epitome of idiocy and genuine moronic behavior. Usually occurs while intoxicated.
Pizza delivery man arrives at 2:00 AM in a blizzard. After inspecting the receipt and a few snide remarks, dumb dick tips zero dollars and says to the pizza guy, "Welcome to the real world, buddy". Dumb dick proceeds to laugh hysterically.
by randyharwood May 28, 2013
A man that is very horny and stupid that only thinks with his dick
that guy with his cock out is such a dumb dick
by The 13th Nomad February 24, 2010
A 6'4'' manchild with a Peter Pan complex and three dimples.
That Otis Maier is such a Dumb Dick.
by Saraphone October 25, 2004
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