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referring to someone who has the intellect of human feces
That boy was dumb as shit!
by ballz October 12, 2003
very dumb
That boy is dumb as shit.
by Joe Bloggs October 13, 2003
really stupid
dude, that child is dumb as shit
by brittany October 11, 2003
Someone or something that is ignorant or worthless to the point of having no value. Also one who displays the fact that they have no common sense or knowledge in a subject.
Fuck, that bitch is dumb as shit.

Really, that game is dumb as shit.
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
a compound adj. to describe a noun
My teacher is dumb as shit.
My computer is dumb as shit.
This movie is dumb as shit.
by Drunk monkey October 12, 2003
A complete idiot. Seeing as shit doesn't have a brain, the person being compared to it could be called a mindless moron.
(online gaming)
Player 1: OmFg i am so gosu i just pwned the newbs!11!! 1337 h4x0rz!!1 ^^
Player 2: Stfu man you're dumb as shit.
by grab October 10, 2003
really stupid
dude, that chil dis dumb as shit
by brittany October 11, 2003