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Ultracoolness at it's finest. Not to many words in the "urban"-dictionary to define these men. Worshiper of the eighties and all things anti-lame.
OMGWTFBBQ~! j00 must b3 dUlA. 1 r0xOrz!!!!1
by Randy Rodriguez April 01, 2004
The ultimate "son son" A person who gets punked/beat up and sent to the store for phillies.(which he wont smoke on but might pay for if he has the money)Its just a person who is not capable of defending them selves or wont. Very gullible.
Mike got punched in the face by Sharif and didnt do anything. What a DULA!
by Chris Barrio August 06, 2007
a sheisty lesbian that only thinks about herself. she comes off as this cute, innocent, sweet person but eventually you will see how she really is. don't let her fool you. all lesbians are sheisty. dula is also amazing at sex. if you don't care to get screwed over you should try it.
girl #1: omg who is that gorgeous dyke.
girl #2: it's dula. she is not that great.
by catrina monroe December 15, 2010
Short, Persian fellow. Self proclaimed P-man. Loves to touch men and eat people's crumbs. Never too proud to pick up spare change, he can find any woman but never saves them for himself.
Hey, man! Are you Dula?
by Gogurt April 01, 2004
Noun. A mad-man whose orgin is from a rare portugeese village south of Boston. Known for excessive "baller-isms" (i.e. BigRims and FastBikes). Loves jersey shore and fist pumps, prolly dreams of "GTL" (Gym, Tan, Laundry), wishes it was socially acceptable to have a blowout, so he could rock one. Can be seen with his side kick BIG WILL at all times. At drunk moments may/will become extremely violent and hilarious.
save a dollar bang a dime. DULA WHAT!
by LibWHAT February 06, 2010

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