v. to duff - to fart

n. a fart

Origin- 20th Century, British Columbia, Canada round about Pavilion, B.C.
Oh, did you duff?

That's was a really ripe duff.
by MJD June 03, 2004
to beat up, to fight with and win.
I'm gonna duff you up!
by frank April 23, 2003
An awesome lay.
'I just had Duff ..... and it was the best sex ever' !!
by Eeevil March 14, 2003
consumimg cannabis sativa by means of smoke.
wrestling is coming up soon it's about time to duff
by d-boy April 30, 2003
Dumb, Ugly, Fat, Fuck.......... every girl has a friend like this.
that girl is friends with that DUFF chick
by Tin973 November 09, 2006
used as an adjective or a noun. means cool, awesome, steeze, hot, the shit, etc.
1) that kid is so duff, i want to fuck him.
2) the party last night was mad duff; everyone was there.
by Mahzipan August 12, 2005
The beat irc network around
duffs owns you
by Gi0 July 13, 2003

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