used as an adjective or a noun. means cool, awesome, steeze, hot, the shit, etc.
1) that kid is so duff, i want to fuck him.
2) the party last night was mad duff; everyone was there.
by Mahzipan August 12, 2005
The beat irc network around
duffs owns you
by Gi0 July 13, 2003
Dangerous Undercover Foxy Female
damn that girl is a duff!@!!
by AshleyHads May 20, 2005
Dumb Ugly Fat Friend.
Damn that bitch is a D.U.F.F. Damn your sister's hot, and who's the DUFF?
by Pwat April 18, 2006
British pudding
What ho, pip pip, my dear chaps and chapesses. I think I'll have some scrum-tiddly-umptious plum duff. Good show!
by AnoNymous February 28, 2015
Designated Ugly Fat Friend
If you don't know who the DUFF is in your group, odds are it's you
by KatLovesBands February 23, 2015
Duff stands for designated, ugly, fat, friend. In your group there are usually some hot people in there and then there's that one member that is the least attractive and that person get used to get info about other people
Guy at school : dude those girls are smokin except for the other one

Hot Girl in group: is the captain of the football team still single
Duff: yeah
Hot girl: thanks bestie
by perfectsayings February 21, 2015

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